Our Passion for Pets Unites Us.

When it comes to pet health, we won’t settle for anything less than the best! Pets require individual care and this is why we feel strongly about educating and training our staff to deliver optimal care and treatment.


With the right care, right product, delivered at the right time your fury friends and loved ones can feel better…faster.

Over 35 Years & 2 Million Prescriptions

We have specialized in animal health-care for over 35 years delivering over 2,000,000 prescriptions. The success of our business has been built around 4 basic principles:

1. Delivering Solutions
2. Earning Trust
3. Building Confidence
4. Offering Choice

Our Focus is Your Pets Well-being…

Compounding medications requires a unique set of skills as each pet has their own likes and dislikes.

Safe & Effective
Compounding Solutions

Our team of board accredited pharmacists are dedicated to developing safe and effective compounding solutions. Know-how, experience and collaboration with veterinarians is  essential to deciding individual treatment options. By consulting with veterinarians and the pet parent we build confidence in knowing that the pet patient is receiving the best possible care.

Helping Pets
Feel Better…Faster

Our team represents a diversified group of individuals that work toward a common
purpose, that being, providing the right care, right product, to help make pets feel better, faster.

Helping Pets
Less Foretunate

We have a long standing history of being part of the community which is why we
partner with local pet shelters to help those pets who are less fortunate.

Customer-First Culture

We are passionate about quality and product consistency, about educating the pet owners on the best products for their pets. Our customer-first business culture is why we believe in offering free shipping.

We are committed to getting pets their medications in the shortest time possible. Custom and careful compounding is what we do, and why we believe “one of a kind care… for your one of a kind pet” helps pets feel better, faster.

Accredited Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is a member of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists. VDC-RX is one of ten accredited pharmacies in California.
Our team stays up to date with standards of quality, new technology, drug shortages and new formulas to provide the best options for your pet needs.


a Drug & Compounding Pharmacy

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Where We Deliver

We cover all of California and can ship for next-day Delivery!